How to Start a WordPress Blog with WPX Hosting In 2022?

how to start a blog with WPX Hosting

If you are a newbie in blogging and want to start a blog then this article is completely for you.

In this article, you’ll learn the essentials of blogging to help you get a hold on the basics of blogging. We’ll walk you through how to build a robust blog with the #1 web hosting – WPX Hosting.

You’ll also learn how to save huge amount on WPX Hosting monthly only plans with the help of our exclusive WPX Hosting coupons we have brought for you in this post later. Therefore, you can start your blog with a huge 60% discount by reading & implementing the quick trick from this post.

how to start a blog with WPX Hosting

Why Start A WordPress Blog With WPX Hosting When We Have So Much Hosts Out There?

The popularity of the blog is increasing day by day. blogs come in handy when searching for information through the internet. You can access any information in any part of the world.

Blogs help to convey some message, idea, thoughts, information and whatever comes to your mind. The Internet is the place where modern people spend their free time. The server on all kind of blog that provides some values, entertainments, and services.

Back then people had fewer opportunities to sell their products and interact with people. They were limited by the geographical area but now through the internet and blogs, anyone can interact with anyone. The location of the person doesn’t matter.

So, sellers can get more customers and no doubt why Amazon is the top e-commerce company that makes billion dollars a year. It is all because of the power of blogs and the internet.

Through blogs, anyone can start their online business and earn good money just by sitting in their house. That is why it is gaining so much popularity. People want to earn money from home and don’t want to go to their boring jobs.

So now I hope you have understood why we need to start a blog with WPX Hosting.

Things To Remember & Do Before Creating A Blog (Expert Advice)

Creating a simple blog is very easy and can be done in 10 minutes. Today’s technology has evolved so much and simplified for people.  A school kid can even start his/her blog and post articles on it. 

Then why every blog doesn’t get popular. It is because blogging is a highly competitive industry. Millions of active blogs are present on the internet and they are struggling to survive. Those blogs which are created poorly dies and those who have capacity will stay and dominate the market.

So, it is not about just creating a blog, it is about creating a powerful blog that will succeed. If you are serious about blogging then follow the expert advice and you will build a successful blog.

Don’t Buy Cheap OR Free Hosting Offered By Many Free Hosts

Cheap and free hosting have no values to the blog and will only waste your time. They are good for learning purposes only, not for earning. They provide low-quality web hosting which will take you no closure to success. It will only waste your time and bury your blog business. if you want good service then you have to pay for it. so go for the best web hosting that will give you the power to build a successful blog.

We learned why it is important to choose the right web hosting for our blog. in this article, we are going to use WPX hosting. so before jumping to create the blog. first, you need to learn about WPX hosting and how to sign up for WPX Hosting with a massive 60% discount.

A Quick WPX Hosting Overview – 2022

WPX hosting is the top web hosting that offers reliable and powerful hosting services. They have a lot of benefits for bloggers. the services you get in WPX hosting are of premium quality. So the question of poor blog performance is not there.

You can handle multiple blogs In a single web hosting plan. It is great functionality for those who have many blogs and find it difficult to handle them. WPX hosting comes with a built-in CDN system to boost the server data transferring speed and manage traffic efficiently.

All these features are offered in every plan. So you can start with a basic hosting plan and climb to the advanced plan when needed. This way you will save a lot of money on the web hosting plans.

The best thing about WPX hosting is they offer a 30 days money-back guarantee along with a WPX Hosting Promo Code. So if anyone is unsatisfied with the hosting service. So they can request for refund and walk away.

Before we talk further, learn all about WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting Features

  • Free CDN
  • Multiple websites
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free site migration
  • WordPress support
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

WPX Hosting Promo Code 2022

WPX hosting allows you to get a huge discount on any hosting plan. So you can save a lot of money with you and be happy. The discount offer applies to everyone in the world signing up for the hosting plans.

WPX Hosting Promo Code

For getting the discount offer, a WPX Hosting Coupon is needed. These discount coupons can be found on the official website else you can get it from

How To Create a Blog With WPX Hosting?

Now, we have come to the creating part of the article. Here you will learn to build your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Buy A Domain Name

The first thing is to find and purchase a domain name for your blog. the name can be of anything like your name or business name. or anything that best suits your niche.

Step 2: Buy WPX Hosting

The second step is to buy a WPX hosting plan. If you are a newbie then go with a basic hosting plan. Because new blogs don’t require much data.  as the blog requirements start increasing then you can upgrade the hosting plan.

Step 3: Activate Domain Name

Now, after buying web hosting. you will see a control panel and a lot of settings. Don’t get panic and just follow the next steps.

Go to the website where you have purchased the domain name. you have to go to the NameServer section. Then copy all the NameServers.

After that open the control panel of web hosting. now go to NameServer and paste all the copied URLs from the domain website. that is all!

It can take some time to activate the domain name on the server. So be patient. Now we have to install WordPress.

In WPX hosting control panel you can see the WordPress installer. Click on it and the WordPress will be installed. So you can then create your login account for the blog.  after setting up the general sections like information details.

Step 4: Choose A Theme

You can choose a free theme from WordPress or can upload your own. Once you have uploaded the theme. Then you can see your blog appears on the domain name.

You have now created your blog. you are now free to do whatever you wanted to do with the blog. upload articles, photos, etc.

If you have any relevant question about WPX Hosting and its Coupon then feel free to ask below in the comments and we’ll give you answers as soon as we receive your queries.

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